I joined the Marine Corps in 1989 with an open contract.  I wanted only to be a Marine.  I was shipped off to F/A-18 Avionics school and then to VMFA 232.  We deployed to Desert Storm.  I spent 5 years active duty and 1 year reserve with a unit in Dallas.  I got out of the Marines in 1994 and began traveling and going to college.

Oregon Army National Guard

While attending the University of Oregon I enlisted into the Guard and soon deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom 2.  I specifically chose infantry, turning down a chance to work on helicopters.  After Iraq I joined 1-249 RTI to become an infantry instructor.  

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Civilian World

I attended the University of Arkansas at Moticello, University of Houston, University of Oregon, and finished my Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Philosophy at Portland State University.  I've had the pleasure of working with the Psychiatric Dept at Oregon Health and Science Universities (OHSU). I have also worked at a Domestic Violence Batterer Intervention Program for veterans in Oregon City for the past couple of years ( I also worked as part of the Oregon National Guard Reintegration Team (later called JTAP) for two years.