Tools to Assist in Resilience

Here are some tools, apps, podcasts that I enjoy that reinforce strength and resilience.



The One You Feed

This is a great podcast. Every week they interview a different person. It takes conscious, constant and creative effort to make a life worth living. This podcast is about how other people keep themselves moving in the right direction – how they feed their good wolf.

On Being

On Being, run by Krista Tippett, is great discussion about spirituality. 

 On Being opens up the animating questions at the center of human life: What does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live? We explore these questions in their richness and complexity in 21st-century lives and endeavors. We pursue wisdom and moral imagination as much as knowledge; we esteem nuance and poetry as much as fact.




After 8 marathons, four 1/2 marathons, a Hood-to-Coast, and the several thousands miles of training, I've tried many different running apps. I keep coming back to Runkeeper over and over again. What makes this app the best for me is:

  • Edit points of a recorded route
  • create custom workouts with time/pace/effort, etc...
  • export GPS data into other programs

My Fitness Pal

80% of your fitness comes from what you eat. 'Garbage in, Garbage out'. It is easy to become addicted to sugars, carbs, and the feelings we get from eating 'comfort foods'.  Something to aid in eating better is to make conscious awareness of what you eat before you eat it. 

This app is useful in that you can scan foods in by barcode, create meals, and so forth.


"You Need A Budget". I've tried Quickbooks, Mint, Microsoft Money, and other apps. I've done the typical "let me check my bank balance before I do..." approach. Nothing worked as well for me as does this simple app. 


Places to Check out

Nerd Fitness

The best fitness website that I've found on the net. There is an active community discussion room, entertaining articles written about goal-setting, fitness, diet, and more. One can get more than enough by reading the weekly email newsletter, or you can create a system of goals and 'quests' to work toward. 

Greater Good Science Center

Based at the University of California, Berkeley, the GGSC is unique in its commitment to both science and practice: not only do we sponsor groundbreaking scientific research into social and emotional well-being, we help people apply this research to their personal and professional lives. Since 2001, we have been at the fore of a new scientific movement to explore the roots of happy and compassionate individuals, strong social bonds, and altruistic behavior—the science of a meaningful life.


Resilience Training Reference List

These are links to many of the videos, books, and websites that I reference and use during my resilience training. This is available in a mindmap form as well.

The listing of links does not constitute any endorsements by Oregon Army National Guard or any other entity. Use at your own discretion.